Sales Oriented Web Site Design And Development

  • Installation and configuration of the chosen WordPress content manager.
  • Installation of WordPress plugins that are identified as necessary for your website (eg discussion forum, surveys, banner manager, image manager, image gallery, newsletter, forms, internal search, user registration, restricted access to internal pages, etc.)
  • Advice on the definition of the structure of your website.
  • Graphic image design of your web page
  • Development of your website applying advanced techniques to optimize it in search engines, looking for it to appear in the first results.
  • Setting up the content (texts, photos, videos, files, etc.) of the first version of your website. Later you can manage it autonomously, making changes without limit and adding unlimited pages.
  • Access to video tutorials on the management of your website
  • Inclusion on your website of security components against hacker intrusions.
  • Hosting for your website
  • In case you want to manage the hosting of your website independently (on your own servers, or on servers of a third party), we can help you in the installation process.

Virtual Stores Development | E-Commerce websites

We help in the entire process of design and implementation of a virtual store based on WordPress’s Woocommerce platform, which will allow you to sell products or services, integrated with the main online Payment systems, such as PayPay or Stripe, and the main shipping providers, as UPS, DHL, Fedex or USPS.

Your online store may have advanced e-commerce options, such as:

  • Generation of discount coupons in cash or in % on the value of purchases.
  • Automatic discount coupon on the first purchase.
  • Discount coupon sent automatically to customer emails when certain conditions are met: on your birthday, upon reaching a number of orders, after a number of days of your last order, when registering, having spent an amount specific.
  • Activation of massive discounts (% or value), in all the products of the store or in selected categories, during a range of dates entered. Very useful for seasonal campaigns. Eg “Take advantage of Black Friday, our entire store with a 20% discount”
  • Massive import of products from an Excel file.
  • Automatic synchronization of stock and product prices with an Excel file placed in a Dropbox folder.
  • Differentiated prices by customer type
  • Send a reminder to the buyer to leave a comment on the page
  • Show prices only to registered users.
  • Questions and answers section on product pages.
  • Advanced comments section on the product pages, allowing users to comment with text, photos and videos.
  • Loyalty and rewards system with points that buyers get for the purchases they make, being able to obtain gifts or discounts.
  • Automatic watermark on the photos of the products.
  • Show survey to the buyer when finishing his purchase.
  • Possibility of allowing the buyer to choose the date and time at which he wishes his order to be delivered.
  • System to allow purchase of “Gift Cards” that allows a person to pay a value, the system sends the card to the recipient’s email and it redeems it.
  • Referral system, which allows you to have “affiliated” websites, which allows you to identify them when they send visitors to your website, and give them a commission on the purchases made by these people.
  • Possibility of having some products without price, for which a CONTACT FORM or REQUEST FOR QUOTATION can be activated.
  • Possibility of showing products classified by brand or manufacturer, in case of selling products of third parties.
  • Possibility to activate public visits counter per product and show the administrator the daily visits of any product.
  • Access to video tutorials on the administration of the platform.
  • We will optimize the platform so that it has the best possible ratings in Google PageSpeed, GTMetrix and Pingdom, and thus be more searchable in Google.
  • Google registration and activation in Google Search Console, to make the products better indexed in the search engine.
  • Activation of Google Analytics, to consult the statistics of visits and use of the site, and activation of automatic submission to your weekly report email.
  • Implementation of Live Chat system, for online attention (From a computer and / or mobile app) in real time to queries from visitors to your site.

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